Grand Master, Choa kok Sui

At a very young age Grand Master Choa Kok Sui became interested in yoga, psychic phenomena, mysticism, Chinese Ki Kung and other esoteric studies. During his development as Grand Master he received a degree in engineering and became a successful businessman. He has spend more than eighteen years researching and studying esoteric sciences that have resulted in the Pranic Healing System teachings.


Basic Pranic Healing

Pranic healing technique is simple and efficient practice to be better in life, practicing the basic pranic healing course helps you in achieving the feet.



is like taking a spiritual shower. When your aura is clean, you experience a higher level of awareness. When your aura is very clean, you see through things more clearly. Even your good luck increases.(GMCKS Golden Lotus Sutras)



“Came to know of this workshop through a friend in office. I was going through a not so happy phase of my life at that time and wanted to bring some rhythm and balance to my life .I was searching for some form of yoga as it had benefitted me last time I tried. I jumped in to attend this workshop once I heard the word “meditation”. After first day of attending this workshop I realized that pranic healing is not just meditation, it was much much more. I went to the class with a troubled mind and lots of questions. I liked the class very much because it addressed many questions I had in my mind .It was not religiously oriented but yet helped in understanding the essence of religion. The concepts and meditations taught in that class has completely transformed my life. I feel so lucky that I met this particular friend and attended this class at the right time. Thanks a ton to Mathi sir who conducted this session and to Balaji who asked me to come for it.”

Balu T.S

Senior Software Engineer, Aricent

Me  and my wife attended the Soul Realisation workshop together .Soul Realization workshop is a wonderful course which every person should attend.The two days completely changed our attitude towards life and gave us strength to tackle its problems.
It answered many questions like “What is my role in this life?” and taught us the need to change our mindsets towards a positive way of life for our own good. It was quite surprising that we did not loose concentration even for a single minute during the session, the class was so interesting. Each and every words used by the instructor were  golden words which increased our energy .It generated enthusiasm to know about ourself .We  actually found our true self in this class. In terms of contents ,we feel this course is unparalleled. It is   a wonderful spiritual development course which can perfectly fit the needs of our times. Another thing that we liked about the course was that everything was explained with the clear experiments and examples .We would strongly recommend  couples and entire families to attend this workshop. Based on our experience ,we feel that if the techniques taught in this class are applied , changes in your life will be exceptional.

We wish that all of you feel the change and find your destiny in life soon with the help of this workshop.


Rajeev R, Aricent Technologies

Technical Leader

“I have been practicing pranic healing for 10 years.
Before practicing pranic healing I had attacks of fit and was taking tablet for thyroid .Doctors had advised me to take the tablets for entire life . After doing regular healings I have recovered fully from these.Earlier my mind used to be disturbed frequently ,but now with knowledge of pranic healing techniques I am able to stay calm and peaceful most of the time.

Today I am helping many people using the knowledge of pranic healing . I am receiving positive feedbacks from the people I healed .This gives me lots of happiness and joy and motivates me to heal more people.

As I am a house wife I rarely travelled without my family. Today pranic healing gives me confidence and opportunities to travel to many many places and meet great people. I feel empowered now.My husband used to suffer from blood pressure . Due to regular healings which I do now, he is getting better.

Healing and meditation gives me joy and happiness I want all to have it .Hence i wish all of you to get blessed with Pranic healing soon.


Manimala C

Home Maker